LASZLO (Maleczky) received a request for an exclusive gala concert in 2022, for which a corresponding 3-tenor formation was sought. The repertoire of the gala concert was to be a mixture of opera arias and well-known classical pop hits.

LASZLO on that:
“Honestly! I was actually convinced that the topic of “3-tenors” and the like doesn’t really interest anyone any more. But for the gala, I then put together a formation and prepared everything top-notch.

What I experienced then surprised me more than anybody else. Every time this 3-tenor formation performed, we were met with a wave of enthusiasm.

What surprised me even more: this enthusiasm was really cross-generational and equal across females and males.

And this is what we then experienced at every single performance of our tenor formation: enthusiastic reactions, never-ending applause, but above all; these strong, unmistakable positive emotions. That’s when I realised that this couldn’t be the end of the IMPULSO TENORS, but their beginning!”

Small detail on the sidelines:
At the request of the agency, Laszlo named the new 3-tenor formation: IMPULSO TENORS.


So IMPULSO TENORS should originally have been a musical flash in the pan. But all the performances of the vocal 3-piece were so well received that there was very quickly a great demand and strong interest in the new act.

The demand came in a magnitude that probably none of the participants had expected at the beginning. The IMPULSO TENORS seem to have come at just the right time.


With the IMPULSO TENORS, LASZLO is able to combine his intensive professional work in classical music, opera and operetta, with his many years of experience in the classical pop and classical crossover genres in one exciting project. With the IMPULSO TENORS, musical styles, love of music, temperament and wonderfully harmonious, radiant tenor voices fuse to create a musical delight.


So there they were now, the IMPULSO TENORS. But LASZLO had the feeling that something was still missing. He wanted to bring something special, something new to this genre.

To realise this, he needed a true partner, a tenor who shared this passion for the 3-tenor genre as much as he did and who, together with him, would form the foundation of the IMPULSO TENORS. Someone with an excellent, versatile voice and a strong personality, who also has his heart in the right place. And last, but not least, a tenor who is both; an excellent opera singer and someone who masters the perfect interpretation of crossover and pop songs and really loves this genre.

The search took a long time, but it really paid off. LASZLO found everything he was looking for in the Spanish tenor GERMAN (Gholami). GERMAN and LASZLO were to be the foundation of the IMPULSO TENORS and together they would invite different, excellent tenor colleagues to join them in singing arias, crossover classics and adapted pop and rock titles – completing the IMPULSO TENORS in ever new, exciting constellations!

The 2+1=3 FORMULA of IMPULSO TENROS was born!


In addition to the 2+1=3 FORMULA, the IMPULSO TENORS have a few other special features. With their dynamic, expressive operatic voices, they can perform the classical repertoire of the original 3-tenors in perfect quality as well as present extraordinary interpretations of the classic pop and crossover genres.

Therefore every performance of the IMPULSO TENORS is a varied journey through the diversity of music, carried by their radiant voices. And so they amaze their audience with their new, musical variations of well-known arias, with pop and rock hits and many a crossover classic, making them sound familiar and yet also surprisingly new.


The IMPULSO TENORS already sing in four different languages: Italian, Spanish, English and German. So they are an international music act that can thrill audiences all over the world.


It looks like the story of the IMPULSO TENORS not only has its exciting continuation, but is actually just beginning.

All those who enjoy opera arias in a new style, classical pop of exceptional quality, touching tenor voices and special 3 Tenors interpretations, and all those who appreciate varied music and emotional voices, are cordially invited to join the IMPULSO TENORS on their continuing musical journey.