The word IMPULSO is Spanish and means momentum, drive, impulse!

IMPULSO TENORS is a brand new 3-tenors project founded by Viennese tenor Laszlo Maleczky.

LASZLO was a leading member of the most successful classical pop formation ADORO.

With ADORO, he stormed to #1 in the official German album charts twice and achieved several Top 10 placements in the following years. More than 2 million records and full mega-halls on the annual concert tours speak for themselves.

Now he is starting a new exciting 3-tenors project for which he has gathered outstanding tenor colleagues from the classical field around him.

One of the special features of the IMPULSO TENORS is their new and exciting 2+1=3 FORMULA.

GERMAN und LASZLO bilden zusammen das stimmliche Fundament der IMPULSO TENORS. The two passionate and experienced singers invite various outstanding colleagues for concerts, gala performances, studio recordings and music videos to complete the 3-tenors of the IMPULSO TENORS again and again in a varied way.

In this way, new and fascinating combinations of harmonising voice colours, interesting personalities and the extraordinary harmony of radiant tenor voices are created again and again. There is no formation in this genre that is so varied and always surprises its listeners.

Another special feature of the IMPULSO TENORS is their enormous musical versatility, with which they can switch between times and genres like hardly any other formation from the genre.

Their voices inspire not only with the great opera hits in the proven style of the original 3-tenors. With their new, dynamic versions of the most popular classical pop and crossover hits, the combination of classical voices and modern pop elements, they also sweep their audience away with verve, temperament and passion.

The characteristic voices, the great musical versatility and the concentrated international temperament, all these qualities make the IMPULSO TENORS an extraordinary experience for eyes and ears.

The IMPULSO TENORS are an international project with tenors from different countries around the world. They are already singing in 4 different languages and there will surely be more.

There has perhaps never been a more varied and exciting 3-tenors project than the IMPULSO TENORS!

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